NOVA and The Discovery Center of Idaho Team Up


The result of intrepid Idahoans, the NOVA series Making Stuff is all about materials science (see yesterday's post).

Boise State’s Dr. Amy Moll helped spearhead the documentary, providing lots of guidance to the folks from PBS, in a joint operation that includes collaboration with the Idaho National Laboratory, Micron Technology, the Discovery Center of Idaho, and Idaho Public Television.

To commemorate the four-part, four-hour series, representatives from the aforementioned were at DCI today along with Moll and astronaut and educator Barbara Morgan, Boise State’s Distinguished Educator in Residence.

Dough Lambuth, Director of Marketing and Public Relations for DCI, introduced the group and the project, which includes a series of exhibits at the center that relate to materials science and the NOVA series.

“I’ve been at the Discovery Center for almost four years and this is the first of its type that I’ve seen,” said Lambuth of the scale of this collaboration.

As part of a national push for STEM education—science, technology, engineering, mathematics—and with Moll as its champion, this project garnered national funding from both the U.S. Department of Energy, and the National Science Foundation.

“I can’t wait to watch the NOVA program,” said Barbara Morgan. “There’s nothing like getting your hands on science and technology.”

In conjunction with today’s event, Moll and the DCI’s Woody Sobey will tour Idaho for special presentations in a number of locations, including Boise, Sun Valley, and Idaho Falls.

“Getting involved in K-12 education makes me a better educator,” said Moll. “Public outreach is part of our job. We take money from the National Government, so we should be telling people about what we’re doing.”

We caught up with Morgan and Moll, and took some time to experiment with the exhibits. Check out the video below.

[ Video is no longer available. ]

The Discovery Center will host a special showing of the first installment Making Stuff: Stronger at 7 p.m.—an hour earlier than the debut on IdahoPTV, at 8 p.m.