Dear Live Music: You Snooze, You Lose


Blame it on seasonal affective disorder, family visits or the lull in activity that comes with winter weight-gain if you like, but for whatever reasons, aside from a certain lover of gin and juice who will be gracing Boise with his presence next week, music calendars about town are somewhat lacking. And since nature—and revelers—abhor a vacuum, those dates have to be filled with something else.

But sometimes that can be a good thing, cause it gets acts in the door that might not come otherwise.

For instance, Buddy Wakefield, poet.

On Sunday, the two-time Individual World Poetry Slam Champion, who has appeared everywhere from the BBC to HBO to Ani DiFranco's Rightous Babe Records is going to be at ...


Wakefield is one of an elite few credited with bringing the energy and status of rock 'n' roll to the naked spoken word, and his performances always entertain.

But also worth noting, is that Wakefield will be performing at Neurolux at what is likely to be his last tour. He's going the route of The Beatles and saying goodbye to the road to focus on publishing.

The performance starts at 8 p.m. and costs $7.