The Head and the Heart Sign to Sub Pop


We’ve been all gushy over Seattle folk pop sextet The Head and the Heart for months now. Apparently, seminal indie label Sub Pop feels the same way. The label just announced that it is officially working with THATH, and will re-release their self-titled debut on Record Store Day, Saturday, April 16.

The re-release will include a re-recorded version of "Sounds Like Hallelujah" and an exciting new addition: "Rivers and Roads,” the song the band wraps up their energetic live shows with.

Here’s the band’s jubilant response to the partnership with Sub Pop:

"We here at camp Head and the Heart are extremely excited, happy, elated and possibly over-the-moon for the relationship that has been consummated with Sub Pop records. They've released so many seminal albums that we all in the band cherish and to be a part of that history is amazing. We're all still learning their nicknames, inside jokes and neurotic tendencies, but it feels good. It feels like home. We have no idea what this New Year will bring (hopefully more Wine Fridays, am I right guys?), but with Sub Pop behind us, we're ready to find out."

And here's THATH's Jon Russell talking to BW back in November about the band's early courtship with Sub Pop:

"I was literally like, 'I'm going to go to Seattle, start a band and knock on Sub Pop's door,'" said Russell. "And it's just nuts that a week and half ago, we literally had dinner with Sub Pop. That's just ridiculous."

Check out the band's new, never before released track “No One to Let You Down” here.