Forget Dead Birds, How About a Meat Shower?


Lately, the world has seemed a bit apocalyptic: masses of dead birds falling from the sky in Arkansas, Kentucky, Alabama and Sweden; millions of dead fish washing up on shore in Chesapeake Bay and New Zealand. But that's nothing compared to what happened in 1876 in Kentucky—try bits of raw meat showering down.

Um, ew.

According to, just such a thing happened one afternoon in Kentucky, when chunks of flesh fell from the sky. Some inquisitive locals actually tasted the meaty precipitation and figured it was either mutton or venison. Ignoring the lingering question as to who would actually eat raw meat that had apparently just been dumped from the clear sky, the question of where the meat came from lingered on. The leading theory involved buzzards and vomit. Seriously.

Check out what msnbc had to say about the story, and be sure and check the link to the original New York Times story on the incident.