Need Something to do Wednesday?


Though it doesn't get as much press as military actions, the U.S. Peace Corps is also hard at work to bring stability to troubled regions of the globe through education and outreach in developing nations.

Peace Corps volunteers do everything from building and running schools and hospitals to helping develop businesses and co-ops and teaching sustainable agriculture practices to communities that had previously relied on slash and burn techniques.

To do so, they often voluntarily live in squalor for little pay doing an important and incredibly stressful job that they can't "leave at work." And for all that, they get little to no recognition or acclaim. They certainly don't get parades or suport rallies.

These amazing people deserve better. And while it's a long way from a parade, tonight, you can get a start by throwing them a pizza party to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of its creation.

Returned volunteers, and anyone who'd like to clap them on the back for a job well-done, can swing by the Idaho Pizza Company on Broadway, from 6-8 p.m. for a slice, a brew and perhaps even a misty-eyed reminiscence.

The event is free.