Need Something to do Monday?


Surveys consistently find that nearly 80 percent of people believe they have at least one book in them waiting to be written. By no means does that mean it's a good one, but hey, we can't all be Tom Clancy.

Though, shocking as it may be, not everyone wants to go that route. Sometimes instead of penning gripping espionage thrillers itching to made into films starring Ben Affleck, they want to write about hungry caterpillars and curious monkeys or the adventures of teenage wizards and culinary experimentation with worms. What impudence. With all the flotsam in the marketplace of ideas, wherever will kids learn about the operational parameters of the magnetohydrodynamic propulsion systems on nuclear submarines as they relate to Maxwell's equations of electromagnetism?

But as America is a "free country" and all, we here at BW recognize it takes all kinds.

If you are in that 80 percent of people with authorial ambitions, and for some unimaginable reason they are kid-focused instead of in the Clancy school of thought, you can swing by Rediscovered Books at 6:30 p.m. tonight for a meeting of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.

Tonight's meeting will include a brief presentation on on writing, illustrating and the publishing business as it pertains to children's books.

The meeting is free for members and $3 for tourists. Tom Clancy will not be speaking.

Visit for membership information.