Idaho Bike Racing



Everybody needs a New Year’s resolution. If you have a neglected bicycle sitting in your garage, here’s yours.

The South West Idaho Cycling Alliance has recently posted and polished next season’s race-and-ride calendars. By March, the weather will have turned and it’ll be time for two-wheeled bliss once more.

In February, there’s a training camp in sunny Palm Springs, Calif., a tentative date late February for Boise Bike Swap (subject to change), and then the first race is on Saturday, March 12, which is the first spring series individual time trial featuring Jason Broome through George’s Cycles.

Numerous cycling teams hold races every week throughout the warmer months of the year, with nationals, championships, and finals in late July, early August and the coup de grace: the Master’s Nationals in early September. Teams are through Eagle Rock cycling, Wild Rockies Racing, Lost River Cycling and more.

There are numerous free rides, clinics and just-for-fun races throughout the year. There are alley cat, triathlon, slalom, uphill and mountain bike races on short, long and road tracks. If you qualify in the lower echelons, you can move up to the end of season qualifiers and competitions. It wouldn't hurt to check out a clinic to get up to speed on regulations and rules before a mass start competitive race. The local cycling community is the best place to start if you're new to the scene.

Getting started means purchasing a one-day or season-long license available here and, well, a bike.

George's Cycles on Front St. is hosting the first ride of the season on New Year's day at noon. Get out there and work off some of those holiday sweets.