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Semilla nueva is Spanish for “new seed.” It’s also the name of the non-profit organization Boise native Curt Bowen spearheads. What started out as a trip to see the world developed into a mission to impart the knowledge of sustainable farming techniques and technology to one the poorest countries in the Americas.

Upon befriending a local Guatemalan man and seeing how he lived and the potential of the land he lived on that was being ignored by government agencies to improve quality of life, Bowen took action. Bowen and his friends Joseph Bornstein and Brook Golling devoted themselves to what has developed into the Semilla Nueva.

Bowen is back in town for the holidays, and tonight he is hosting a fundraising dinner at Saint Mark's Catholic Church at 7960 Northview St. At 6 p.m. the Davies Sisters will perform, followed by a presentation by Bowen about Semilla Nueva. The event is free to attend, but you will have the opportunity to anonymously donate to their cause during the evening. Dinner is pot luck-style—including Bowen’s mother’s homemade lasagna with organic vegetables from her own garden, of course.