Shawn Mullins is (Finally) Back in Boise


It's been a while—like about 11 years—since the singer/songwriter with the sultry voice has been in Boise. But Shawn Mullins is here tonight, headlining 94.9 The River's Concert for Cause.

BW caught up with him today at the radio station's Listener Lounge for a sneak peek of tonight's performance. He may be best known for "Lullaby," a hit single off of 1999's Soul's Core, but if today was any indication of what's to come, the much-played anthem to L.A.'s superficial lifestyle won't be all that he's remembered for.

Take a quick listen to any of the other tracks on Soul's Core, Ninth Ward Pickin' Parlor, or his most recent—Light You Up—and you'll hear a lyricist who works diligently at his craft, who has a natural ability to embed those lyrics into a melody that makes you want to learn the words and sing along. He told the intimate gathering at the station today that he likes "... to paint pictures with words," and that he is "... grateful to be able to do it." He's been writing songs solo since he was a teenager, but has recently made the move to more collaborative efforts with the likes of Matthew Sweet and Zach Brown of the Zach Brown Band. The song "Toes" that Mullins and Brown wrote together landed the Zach Brown Band their first No. 1 hit.

Here's a little bit of what's in store for tonight—Shawn Mullins singing "Light You Up."

[ Video is no longer available. ]