Need Something to do Wednesday?


Carl Jung was a weird dude, some might even refer to him as "a bit freaky-deaky." As a child he carved his schoolmate's ruler into a mannequin, to which he periodically delivered secret messages. He accidentally conditioned himself to faint whenever he went to school, Manchurian Candidate style. And he took up with, then broke it off with "that brilliant perv," Sigmund Freud.

Along the way he also thought and wrote deeper about symbolism and the universal themes of human emotion—and how the unconscious mind plays them out through storytelling—than anyone who came before.

Tonight, you have the opportunity to learn a bit more about Mr. Jung and his theories when the Idaho Friends of Jung meet to discuss Jungian psychologist Lara Newton's book, Brothers and Sisters: Discovering the Psychology of Companionship.

Tonight at The Cabin, people can brush up a bit and prepare for Newton's upcoming salon and lecture in February.

The discussion is open to all and runs from 7-9 p.m. A donation of $5-$10 is suggested.