Local Musicians and Moxie Java Bring it Idaho-Ho-Home For the Holidays


  • CD cover art by local artist Toby Robin
When complaints about Christmas music start popping up on Twitter and Facebook—about how it’s blaring in every store roughly three minutes after Halloween ends—I’m right their kvetching with the hoi polloi.

But in the name of good cheer, I let my disdain for carols and noels be outweighed by my love of local music, Moxie Java and cutesy titles, I popped in the collaborative new CD, Idaho Ho Ho With Moxie Java: A Celebration of the Holidays with Idaho Artists.

The CD starts out with a slow burn by David Andrews (of Calobo fame), gets a little jazzy with Shon Sanders and from young Travis McDaniel, to seasoned Pinto Bennett, to multitasking Steve Fulton (Audiolab mixed and mastered the CD), to sweet Fauxbois to Rebecca Scott, Field Guide, AKA Belle, Nancy Kelly, Rochelle Smith, Sherpa, Bill Coffey and Dan Costello, these local singers and strummers cover every possible Christmas mood better than dancing ladies, leapers, pipers, drummers and a partridge ever could.

Costello’s “Making Seasons Bright” (which he said was originally titled “Make The Season Bright”) is a collaboration with Coffey and is so spot-on and sounds so traditional, that you'll think it's a cover. It's not. It’s the star atop this bright and festive CD tree.

Two things make this CD a must listen for even the bah-humbuggiest: many of the 14 tracks are written by the musicians. That’s an impressive feat when you think about the thousands of Christmas albums that have been put out over the years. Who knew there were any original ideas left? And, two, proceeds from sales of the CD benefit The Idaho Foodbank.

Leave it to a bunch of local musicians and Moxie Java to suck the grinchiness right out of me.

The CD is available exclusively at participating Moxie Java locations and you can hear some of the participating musicians perform live at Moxie Java locations across the valley. Visit our promo page for details.