Need Something To Do Today?


Ok. I say a word, and you blurt out the first thing that comes to mind. Junkerdash! …Well?... If the first thing you thought of was local country/hillbilly/ragtime/blues band Hillfolk Noir, kudos. You are on top of it. And if you know that's how they describe their unique sound, then you probably also know that they are having a little party tonight at the Linen Building to celebrate the release of two CDs. For those who didn’t know either of those things, here’s the scoop …

Husband and wife Travis and Ali Ward, along with bandmates Mike Waite and Jared Goodpastor, have made a couple of CDs that they would like to share with y’all. Their authentic, acoustic, no-frills sound comes through on their most recent recorded work: Live at the Old Idaho Penitentiary and Skinny Mammy’s Revenge. Both were recorded on location—in living rooms, cabins and well ... at the Old Pen, with the band sitting around a single mic recording to analog tape. On the band’s website, Travis says that “...our music seems to strike an emotional chord with many people—perhaps because to pull off this really acoustic old-time sound, we sing and play our guts out. Every song.”

They will be singing their guts out tonight. Grab the family (Ali is known to play the washtub with her little one strapped to her back) and take a break from the hectic pre-holiday “must-dos” with a relaxed evening out. Things kick into gear tonight at 5 p.m., and it’s $5 to get in, or $20 for the whole fam.