"America's Next Top Model" Is Not From Idaho


Take that, haters.
  • Take that, haters.

Chelsey Hersley, the freckled blonde from Boise who we had our hopes pinned on, lost out to 6-foot 2-inch Texan Ann Ward (pictured above) last night in the final episode of America's Next Top Model, Cycle 15.

When BW talked to Hersley back in September, she sounded pretty upbeat. She had to have known by then that she came oh-so-close to winning, but based on her performance and professionalism during the course of the show, her modeling career is probably still on track. Some agency has surely snatched her up.

Was beautiful Hersley the better model? Maybe. Hersley has been modeling for years, had a great working knowledge of designers and photographers and (up until last night's episode) had a terrific runway walk.

But awkward Ann, who said she was made fun of most of her life for being so tall, always took a great photo. And where Hersley was more commercial—more American Eagle—Ward fit the better into this season of ANTM's high-fashion concept.