Need Something to do Monday?


Way back before Wii and Hulu and electricity—heck, before Monopoly—people still got snowed in at home because they didn't have tire chains and their driveway was at a slant so they couldn't get to the store and get some. But they weren't bitter about it. They just found some other way to pass the time. Namely: storytelling.

So tonight, as Boise is still shrouded in a fluffy white layer of hell, why not roll things back and pass the time old school with Story Story Night at the Linen Building, where Boiseans tell live unscripted stories to a packed house. Tonight's event will feature stories on the theme of "Living Without." Like, living without tire chains or the warmth of the sun for example.

The once-monthly event is always a sure-fire chucklefest with heart a-plenty and a fabulous way to while away a snowy evening. If you can get out of your f@#$ing angled driveway to get there.

The show starts at 7 p.m. and admission is $5.