Bad Gift Ideas vs. Good Gift Ideas


The specter of Black Friday (cue the ominous music) has descended upon us, which means it's officially time to start freaking out about what to buy those people in your life who fall into the gift-getting category.

Sure, you can claim you're taking some moral high road by not supporting the rampant consumerism, but that line is only going to get you so far. You could go the handmade route, but those coupon books of chores for mom really don't cut it after your age hits double digits.

Of course, knowing what not to give is just as valuable as figuring out the perfect gift. Here's a tip: TSA airport screenings may have nearly reached the level of a 1970s soft-core porn, but never—past or present—has a TSA screening playset been on the top of any child's wish list.

Here's another tip: Women don't appreciate a toilet plunger as a gift and neither do little girls, even if said toilet plunger is in pink.

These are just a few of the gift ideas that never should have been created in the first place, as highlighted on the Wallet Pop blog. A breast-feeding doll for little girls—seriously, that's just creepy.

Since BW never likes to leave its readers hanging with a problem without offering up a solution, we've put together our own 2010 Boise Weekly Gift Guide. We sent a platoon of shoppers across the Treasure Valley to find some of the best/funniest/most imaginative/most useful/most ridiculous/most beautiful gift ideas out there. All of our suggestions come from local businesses and include experience-based ideas for those people who don't need any more "stuff."

Your very own copy of the Gift Guide will be inserted in the Dec. 1 edition of BW, but if you have to hit the stores over the Thanksgiving weekend, click on the link to check out the digital version.