French Farmer Fined for Feeding His Ducks Marijuana


A French farmer, Michel Rouyer, confessed to feeding his ducks weed, according to the BBC. The weed feeding was an effort to de-worm his 150 or so ducks.

You can find anything with Google...
  • You can find anything with Google...

The police found 12 plants at Rouyer's farm and confiscated nearly 11 pounds of marijuana. Rouyer was arrested and fined about $700 for his exploits. He was also given a one month suspended sentence.

The Daily Mail, a British Newspaper, quotes him as saying, "There's no better worming substance for them, a specialist advised me to do it." Mr. Rouyers attorney Jean Piot added: "This is for real, not one (duck) has worms and they're all in excellent health."

Rouyer, who hails from the village of La-Gripperie-Saint-Symphorien on France's Atlantic coast, also admited to smoking some of the marijuana growing on his property. He claimed, however, that the majority of the weed went to the ducks.