Daniel Tosh's Twenty Ten Tour Was Worth the Wait


Daniel Tosh said he wasn’t good live. Turns out, Tosh is a liar. The comedian and host of Comedy Central’s Tosh.0 visited the Morrison Center on Nov. 17, and left audience members with one complaint: sore faces from laughing at his often darkly-funny jokes.

Tosh took the stage following two openers, who whet the audience’s appetite for adult humor. The first sauntered across the stage in all-black and knocked his grungy bachelor style by poking fun at his own overly-baggy pants. He provided the audience with jokes worthy of being made into bumper stickers. Among them were “When God shuts a door, I open a beer” and “You may catch more flies with honey, but you catch more honeys if you’re fly.”

After about 20 minutes it was Japer Red’s turn. He pitched thought-provoking questions to audience members, mostly about McDonalds’ spoke-characters: “Exactly what the hell is Grimace?” Good point Jasper. While attendees pondered what animal kingdom the purple fast-food eating blob belongs to, Red unmasked the Hamburglar, saying “He’s absolutely Latino.”

And then, the moment arrived. The man sold out the Morrison Center on a weekday took the stage, and he looked nervous. Tosh, in jeans, a plaid button-down and white T-shirt (with a noticeable lack of his trademark V-neck) paced the stage while the rockstar-worthy applause died down and then placed a sheet of white paper on a stool, the only thing with which he shared the otherwise empty stage.

Tosh did all the usual comedian things: he made fun of Boise, plugged his television show, talked politics and the politically incorrect—“Isn’t it strange to think that the Whitehouse is in a bad neighborhood now?”—ragged on relationships and religion and talked a whole bunch about sports. The subject matter may have been expected, but it was all done in that special Tosh way that causes a Craigslist catastrophe for late ticket-seekers. Every joke resulted in an uproar of laughter, but audience members were on their feet when Tosh took a jab at one of Idaho’s most prominent and notorious religions, saying “Heads up Mormons, this one’s going to sting.” After the mostly 30-and-under crowd settled back down, Tosh equated the Mormon undergarments to pajamas, saying that perhaps God just wants Mormons to be comfy.

Audience members were on their best behavior for the most part, except for one over-zealous female who declared her love for Tosh from the mezzanine. She was swiftly disillusioned when the comedian responded “Really? Because I have little to no feeling for you” and proceeded to speculate that she “puts herself out there too fast.” The next heckler simply received a “Shut up” response. Tosh ended with a joke about his sister, thanked his dedicated fans and explained that he doesn’t sell merchandise at shows because “I make too much money for that.” A half-second later the lights in the theater were up, and the much-anticipated night of comedy was officially over.