Need Something to do Today?


Humanity loves a shared experience. Anything from a cup of coffee with a friend to a "where-were-you-when" moment on TV. And while technology to watch films at home is growing, it will never be able to replace the cinema's capacity to heighten every emotion through sharing the experience. Even when the material is the same, you laugh harder, cry harder and cheer louder in a packed house than you ever will solo in front of your laptop. And it's even better when the audience is deeply invested in a story, either for reasons of close personal identification or simply amount of time they've dedicated to it. This is why the finales of long-running serials are so hyped. And generally, the longer they run, the bigger the investment, and the more powerful the experience.

Anyone see where this is heading?

The first half of the Harry Potter finale opens tomorrow. Having read the books several times over, we all know the story. But the transition to film has been part of the experience, and it's coming to a close. The first book was published in 1997, meaning between the books and films, fans now spent 13 years of their lives following the story. How sad would it be then to let the ending fizzle.

The movie opens tomorrow. And that's where any real fan should be. But to do that, you probably want to buy a ticket ahead of time. Like today.

Also it's supposed to be cold and rainy tomorrow, so it probably isn't the worst idea to spend the day looking for a good winter wizard robe to wear.