Need Something to do Today?


Though large media conglomerates have done their best to destroy the medium, radio is still inherently cool. It's a lone voice in the night offering a curated sampling of sounds and ideas that make the brain active, bridge divides in communities and creates crucial dialog. And though not everyone has gotten the chance to experience it, it's also wicked fun to have your own radio show.

Yeah, that would be fun, but I could never have my own show, you might say. I'm not nearly cool enough.

Au contraire mis amigos, anyone can have your own radio show if they like and tonight you can learn how.

From Radio Boise...

DJ 101 is an intro session designed for anyone who wants to know more about getting involved with programming and being on the air. Meet some current DJ's, learn about types of programming, events, getting on 89.9 FM and a quick run down of the show application. (Bring one from online already filled out, if you want!) If you already have a show proposal in mind or done, stick around for some basic technical training too.

The DJ 101 session starts at 7 p.m. tonight. For more info or to sign up, email