More Steelhead on the Way


More steelhead are on their way to the Boise River.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game will be releasing a double load of hatchery-raised steelhead into the Boise River on Thursday, Nov. 18—that means roughly 660 more fish (averaging 9 pounds each) will be swimming between the Glenwood Bridge and Barber Park. Fish and Game previously released 333 steelhead into the Boise on Nov. 10.

If you're one of those fishermen who actually have to work this week, but will have some time over the Thanksgiving holiday, fear not, Fish and Game have plans to release an additional batch of steelhead next week as well, bringing the total fish released for the season to 1,300.

Remember, beyond having a valid Idaho fishing license, fishing for steelhead requires an additonal permit ($12.75) which allows anglers to take up to three fish per day, have nine in possession and take a total of 20 for the season.

For more info, call the Fish and Game Nampa office at 208-465-8465.