Dirty Mittens at Neurolux, Nov. 13



It’s a shame there weren’t more people at the Neurolux on Saturday night. When Portland, Ore.’s petite Chelsea Morrisey lunged for the microphone in pumps and a bowler hat, and began belting out Jackson 5-tinged pop gems, the dancefloor seemed desolately empty.

But Morrisey, lead singer of sugary, doo-wop-pop act Dirty Mittens, held her own. With the falsetto quiver of Antony and the piercing pipes of a young Michael Jackson, Morrisey’s vocals drive Dirty Mittens' sound. But add in handclaps, keys, catchy guitar riffs and some soulful sax, and you’ve got an undeniably winning combo.

Here’s a video of Dirty Mittens performing the track "Let It Go" on Nov. 13 at Neurolux. The band recently released a 7-inch vinyl on Magic Marker Records and has a full-length in the works, with no set release date.

[ Video is no longer available. ]