Need Something to do Monday?


The week has a tendency to snowball, with not much happening on Sunday night, about the same on Monday, and then a progressive build towards Saturday when the whole process starts all over again. And while some would say that's simply an effective strategy for building tension and release, letting Saturday night serve as the climax in your weekly narrative, it also means that there's a lot of perfectly good nights of the week going to waste while people try to cram everything fun into one night, constantly on the move from show to show, bar to bar, channel to channel, never really fully experiencing any of it.

Fat Mike of NOFX, may have said it best with the song "Thank God It's Monday."

I really never liked Fridays / I can't do what I wanna do / Sold out at the movies / Can't eat at the restaurants / Everybody want a good time / But the bar's full of cigarette smoke / I think I'll stay home / I think I'll wait for Monday.

For performers, since Monday is wide open, it's a good time to try something new.

Tonight, at The Bouquet, you can see an example of just such a project.

The Boise Modern Jazz Orchestra is a collaboration of 16-plus local musicians who probably couldn't even all fit into one of Boise's jazz venues at the same time. But on a Monday, the bigs stages in the clubs are empty, and they can take over, offering up the kind of big band jazz and swing that used to rule the weekend.

The show starts at 7:30 and is FREE.