Moms Say the Darndest Things


No matter where we grow up, what group we are part of in high school or where we fall on the political spectrum, there is one thing that unites us all: Our moms say some seriously weird stuff.

All of us have a few choice momisms in our personal arsenal, those bits of advice, probing questions or random observations that make less sense the more you think about them. For example, my own mother (the wonderful woman that she is) refused to let me get a second hole pierced in my ears when I was in high school. Her reasoning had nothing to do with age or fear of infection. Nope, she said I'd look like a pirate, and heaven knows the shame I would have brought to the family if I had gone around looking like Bluebeard.

A pair of Boise authors are collecting those wonderful, nonsensical gems that fall from our mothers' mouths for a new book of momisms, sales from which will benefit the Women's and Children's Alliance. The book, which will be released next Mothers' Day, will be a collection of the saying of Idaho mothers, so if you've got a dandy or two, they want to hear about them.

Authors Patti Murphy and Elaine Ambrose are assembling the choice phrases on their Momisms website, as well as on the project's Facebook page.

Just think, the next time you think about leaving the house without clean underwear on, or your face actually freezes like that, you won't have any excuses—it will be in print.