Running Away From Football



As has been the theme in Boise and surrounding areas this fall, Boise State Bronco football is the sport on everyone's mind. With tonight's game against the University of Idaho Vandals, fans might forget about a huge sporting event occurring tomorrow at Eagle Island State Park. For yet another consecutive year, the Treasure Valley will host the Nike Cross Northwest (NXN) Regional XC Championships. High-school cross-country runners hailing from all over the Pacific Northwest will flood the field tomorrow morning, competing for entrance into the U.S. National Championships.

Whether you're a runner yourself or not, cross-country running is surprisingly spectator friendly and it's entertaining to watch young athletes as they throw elbows and kick spikes in their quest for regional titles. Who knows. You might be inspired to burn off the chips and beer from tonight's football-watching, couch-surfing adventure with a little run of your own.