KT Tunstall: Puttin' Boise in 'er Place


You could tell that the petite Scot who took the stage at the Knitting Factory on Friday night was there because she wanted to be.

There was a gracious vibe about KT Tunstall even as she was belting out her most rockin' songs like "Black Horse and a Cherry Tree." She was totally into it. Too bad it took the crowd some time to catch up: their chatter was loud. And not in a I-feel-this-music-down-in-my-soul kind of way. More like a if-I-hear-that-guy-behind-me-tell-his-buddy-how-he-totally-almost-scored-last-night-I'm-going-to-lose-it kind of way. If anyone wanted to know your flight plans to Florida next month, assume they'd ask you personally, at a more appropriate moment and pipe down. Most people who were there Friday night went to see an amazing musician, paid good money to hear her throaty voice and experience her fiesty attitude up close and personal. They probably didn't really care to hear about the appointment you had with your therapist yesterday. Sure, we all get a little rowdy, especially when the booze is flowing and it's time to cut loose, but you know you're getting too loud when the performer has to ask you to be quiet. Just sayin'.

Check out KT doing "Fade Like a Shadow" on the TV show Later With Jools Holland, off of her new album, Tiger Suit. Maybe if we all promise to be quiet and listen, she'll come back some day and play it for us again.