Tickets On Sale: Mushroomhead, Dec. 19, Knitting Factory


So there are two bands, both play head-splitting metal, both have eight to nine members. One was formed in Iowa, one formed in Ohio. One began in 1993, one started in 1995. In both bands, everybody wears a super creepy, scare-the-kids mask, although one group subscribes to a more evil-clown-from-Drive-Thru vibe and the other works a more cyborg-ish, pissed off Predator extras.

But only one of these bands is playing Boise as part of 100.3 The X's second annual Unholy Night on Thursday, Dec. 16: Mushroomhead. (The other one is Slipknot.)

Tickets are $15 and are on sale now by calling 877-435-9849 or visiting or