The Head and the Heart Have Officially Blown Up



It’s insane how far word can spread in a month. The last time Seattle’s The Head and the Heart filled the Bouquet with their Beatles-tinged folk-pop, there was a crowd of about 40 people, tops. There was ample room on the dance floor for swooping, over-the-head handclaps and floor-rattling boot stomps.

When the six-piece returned to Boise on Wednesday night, the Bouquet was line-out-the-door packed. After Nampa’s Mickey the Jump warmed the crowd up with a similar, but more subdued chamber folk pop sound, THATH took to the stage for what I’ll call their first set—about 20 minutes of prolonged check-one-two-ing.

After they finally got the sound somewhat hammered out, the dance party started. The group played all nine songs from their self-titled debut LP and the audience, astonishingly, shouted back every word. Before playing “Lost in My Mind,” THATH’s Josiah Johnson stopped to invite the crowd up on stage with the band. Here’s a video of that song from Mickey the Jump’s Facebook page:

[ Video is no longer available. ]

THATH ended their set with a couple of still-being-perfected new songs, including the one posted below, and an announcement: They’ll be back to play the Flying M Coffeegarage in Nampa next Thursday, Nov. 11. And a heads up for all non-Nampans: The band has been known to gather their instruments and invade the downtown Boise Pie Hole for a late-night acoustic set.