Buster Blue Walks the Plank



You seldom hear sax at a house show. Or accordion. Or megaphone … well, unless it’s the cops rounding up sweaty-palmed underagers. At a recent North End house show, Reno's Buster Blue busted out all three, along with keys, guitar, drums, even banjo.

At first listen, the high-energy six-piece sound reminiscent of New York’s O’Death—feverish, front porch-stomping folk with a gory Gothic edge. But for all their death-laced lyrics, Buster Blue manage to be much more palatable. Whether it’s Rachael McElhiney's sultry female backup vocals, the band's throwback New Orleans speakeasy attire or the fact that they’re a damn friendly bunch of folks, Buster Blue is a group to keep your whiskey-wearied eyes on.

You can check out Buster Blue for FREE, along with Drums and Color (Calif.), Moonshine and the Drugs (Calif.) and Johnny Combat and the Junglefucks (Boise) at the Plank this Saturday, Nov. 6 at 8 p.m.

Here’s a video of Buster Blue performing “Rise Up” off their recent release When the Silver’s Gone, which was recorded at Piper’s Opera House in Virginia City, Nev. We're pretty sure “Rise up, stillborn child” is our new favorite megaphone chant.