Need Something to do Monday?


It's Monday, Nov. 1, and while for most Americans that means the start of the laborious planning for Thanksgiving—or the Christmas shopping season—for some it means something else altogether: The start of NANOWRIMO.

That's right, November is National Novel Writing Month, the time when untold numbers of people challenge themselves to sit down and hammer out that masterpiece they swear has been kicking around their mind for years. All it really takes is 1,500 words or so—a few pages—a day to do it. And since the point of NANOWRIMO is not a polished product, but just to get things out on paper, it doesn't even have to be good. Now that's a novel anyone can write.

You can go rogue, Palin-style, or register with the site to help you track your progress and potentially earn a certificate of completion. Rediscovered Books on Eighth Street in downtown will be hosting a series of "write-in's" so nanowrimers can have a sense of community to aid them through the anxiety of the ticking clock and the unresolved plot hole.

So today, why the heck not give it a shot? November only comes once a year and all. And don't worry if you're hard up for an idea. Just do what this three-time participant does: start with a fortune cookie.

Pleasant writing Boise. May your characters be developed, your plots gripping and your grammar daring. It's time to write a f@#4ing book.