Half-Baked Idea



From the moment I could eat solid food, I have been a fan of fresh-baked bread. I adore the simplicity of the ingredients, the miraculous action of the yeast and the cozy smell of the finished product. Counter-cultural as it may sound, I abhorred the low-carb craze that occurred earlier this decade and firmly refused to believe that bread could be bad for us.

Thus, it was with a mixture of curiosity and horror that I read about a strange new automated bread dispenser—made by Aldi Sud, a discount supermarket in Germany—in this morning's Wall Street Journal. I've long been aware that European bread-making is an art, so it concerns me that a company claims it can produce "freshly baked bread" in minutes. I'm not the only one concerned, thank goodness. The article suggests that the German Bakers' Federation will pursue legal action, and hopefully regulate the language surrounding my beloved flour creations.

Meanwhile, I'll stick with my Zeopple and Great Harvest habits—the Treasure Valley has no need for a "technological innovation" that bastardizes bread.