Cash for Cash, Mad About Madoff


Thats for ripping off all of those people, Madoff!
  • "That's for ripping off all of those people, Madoff!"
Does the Man in Black mean more to you than your own mother? Does the thought of owning a piece of his life make you want to jump into a ring of fire for joy?

On Sunday, Dec. 5, Julien's Auctions will hawk pieces of Johnny Cash's history, including an expired credit card, a Fulsom Prison jumpsuit, a Martin guitar and more. You can even bid on a pair of Cash's knee-high boots.

You can find more information at Julien's Auctions.

Speaking of boots, now that ponzi puck Bernie Madoff is in prison, he has to make do with cheap little rubber flip-flops and has no more use for expensive leather loafers. reports that the shyster's jewelry, antiques and his crazy ass shoe collection go up on the auction block on Saturday, Nov. 13. The U.S. Marshals are in charge of the sell-off, which takes place in New York.

Visit the U.S. Marshal's website for more info.