Need Something to do Thursday?


Open mics are tricky. They fill an important hole, allowing performers the chance to test new material and acts or simply get in front of an audience. But they're rarely good for said audience, and generally not much better for the performer. That's often because the open mic is so disregarded, shoved into the corner of a dive bar with abrasive lighting and a lineup of mean drunks grousing that they can't hear the TV. To have any hope, an open mic needs to be an actual performance venue with a stage and a sound system. And more importantly, it needs to be wide open thematically, rather than locked into the predictable pattern of the same six dudes with acoustic guitars who come back week after week.

With the loss of the two local comedy clubs and the open stage policy at Terrapin Station on Monday nights, Boise's open mics have been a bit lackluster lately. You can hit Pengilly's on a Monday, O'Michaels on a Thursday and The Plank once a month, but none of them are really milking the possibilities of the open mic. And that's sad, because the potential is endless.

But tonight there's a new kid in town. And it might be the chance to reclaim the open mic from that old dude with the acoustic guitar that everyone's been waiting for.

Liquid, an actual venue, and one that doesn't play well to acoustic Neil Young covers, is now running open mic on Thursdays. It runs from 9:30 p.m.-12:30 a.m. and doesn't cost a thing. So bring your tapping shoes, your homemade Carrot Top halloween costume, your best roller disco moves and your magic act. It's effin open mic night.