UPDATED: Injured Animals in Rehab Displaced by Fire


Fire claimed the Warm Springs home of Gina Gregerson last weekend, and while Gregerson has found temporary housing with the help of the Burnout Fund, the numerous animal residents on her property haven't been quite as lucky. In addition to her home, the fire destroyed the Gregerson Wildlife Park, a rehabilitation sanctuary for injured animals.

There were more than 50 animals being rehabilitated at the park at the time of the fire, including emus, bighorn sheep, pygmy goats, raccoons and beavers. According to Pixie, a friend of Gregerson's and a volunteer at the park, the beavers were trapped in Oregon and dumped in the Idaho desert.

A benefit concert for Gregerson will be held at VAC in December, and all the proceeds from the Absurdist Film Festival on Saturday, Nov. 6, will be donated as well. Gregerson's friends have also set up a general fund to raise money. A Facebook page coordinating the efforts lists 337 friends and just more than $4,000 in donations.

Pixie estimates that it will cost at least $5,000-$10,000 and require at least two weeks worth of labor just to get the animals shored up for the winter, a task complicated by how quickly winter is setting in. Rebuilding permanent structures is a far larger and costlier task.

Those wishing to help can visit the Friends of Gina Facebook page to volunteer and see pictures of the animals. Besides cash, the park needs assorted sundries and volunteers to help rebuild the pens.

A press release for an additional benefit came in just after this post went online. Curtis Stigers, Tim Willis and his Peeps, Aage Nielsen (Darkwood Consort), a.k.a. Belle, Grant Olsen (Nullifer), Kelli Kennison and more will be playing at Neurolux 7 p.m., Nov. 8. All the money will go to Gregerson and rebuilding efforts. Contact cathcactus@hotmail.com for more info.