Morning Benders and Twin Sister at Neurolux


The Neurolux stage was showered in adorableness Friday night.

Twin Sister’s tiny, non-blinking lead singer Andrea Estella (dressed like a grandma-librarian-Amy Winehouse), belted out molasses-slow, Beach House-infused vocals, while the rest of the band created fuzzy dream pop peppered by playful guitar riffs and samples. Twin Sister inspired a sizable dance party—which Estella made a point to praise—for playing such low-key music. By the time The Morning Benders’ Chris Chu (an enigmatic Asian Joseph Gordon Levitt type with ’40s crooner pipes) took the stage, the crowd was fully entranced.

The Morning Benders played a set heavy with tracks from their latest indie/chamber pop release Big Echo, including a pared-down version of their recent viral video hit, "Excuses." One glance at the band's crumbled, pun-filled set list—"Pleasure Thighs" instead of "Pleasure Sighs" and "Waiting for Your Mom" instead of "Waiting for a War"—and it's obvious that these dudes are taking their surging popularity in stride.

The Morning Benders pun-filled set list.
  • The Morning Benders' pun-filled set list.

Here's video of Twin Sister performing the lovely "Lady Daydream."

And here are The Morning Benders performing the song "Promises."