Hella Good Deals On Helicopters



Since I'm in the business of air medical transport, I'm fascinated by all things helicopter, but it never occurred to me to buy my own private chopper. However, in this weekend's Wall Street Journal Magazine, an entire page of their Luxury Shopping Guide was devoted to the ins and outs of purchasing a whirly-bird. Similar to the current bias of the housing market, it turns out that the market for said aircraft also favors buyers. All it takes is a couple million dollars and a clear sense of intended use so that you get the right model.

The WSJ article mentioned positive attributes about Bell helicopters and Eurocopters, placing both in their top three—fantastic news for me, since we use those models at Life Flight.

But owning helicopters is cost-prohibitive for most of us, even under the best possible market circumstances, and according to the article, accessories and maintenance are even more expensive. Plus, learning to operate a 'copter is no easy (or cheap) task. Until I win the lottery, I'll guess I'll stick to riding shotgun.