Blazing a Trail to Blitzen Trapper


What do you get when you melt together American rock and folk music, add a dash of country harmonies and then bring it to a modern indie rock boil? Blitzen Trapper. And what is a Blitzen Trapper? It's a sextet from Portland, Ore., that stays mute on exactly where the name comes from, but backhandedly lets multiple stories slip out, ranging from it being the German word for lightning, a term for trappers a la the East India Trading Company and other obvious myths.

What is factual, however, is that Blitzen Trapper is a genre-defying, original band that made it big after self-producing their first three albums. It’s one thing if you write your own music, it’s quite another to produce the whole CD and still end up on Rolling Stone’s Top 100 Singles of 2007. While that album—Wild Mountain Nation—and the title track were the band's coming out, Blitzen Trapper moved to an experimental sound with 2008's Furr, and this year released yet another divergence with Destroyer of the Void.

The Salem-grown, Portland-based band will roll into Les Bois by covered wagon on Wednesday, Oct. 20, ready to rock harder than pre-industrial pioneers. Whet your appetite for their Zeppelin-inspired guitar work and Dylan-esque vocals with "Furr" (below) and read our interview with frontman Eric Earley and "Furr" videographer Jade Harris in the upcoming issue of Boise Weekly.