Need Something to do Tuesday?


We've all been there: barreling down an alley in a stolen police car, chasing the gang of super-powered mutant thugs who framed us for murder as they try to escape on stolen Vespas. But then suddenly they stop dead, and turn to make a stand. And that's when we turn to Bubbles, Michael Jackson's chimp, whose mind had been swapped with our presumed dead partner and we say, "What do we do?"

And that's when Bubbles says, "We'll just have to improvise."

And that's when we curse the heavens for not knowing how.

Well, today, why not do something about that, with improvisation classes at Boise Little Theatre. You can develop timing, confidence, learn to follow your instincts and take risks so the next time you find yourself in that alley, you can turn to Bubbles and say, "All right, I'm young JFK deciding whether to follow my father into politics and you're an out-of-work pastry chef thinking about switching jobs. Go!"

The class starts 6:30 p.m. and continues through Nov. 23. Call BLT at 208-342-5104 for more details or to register.