PMF: Sprockets, Man Without Wax, Bank, Oct. 7, Knitting Factory


Sprockets: There are only two members in Sprockets, but there's no shortage of musical prowess. They sat far from each other on stage at the Knitting Factory, armed with an acoustic guitar and an acoustic bass guitar. The lead singer had a wide vocal range, changing from screaming to soothing on a whim. Their last song, "Tumble Down," was a tribute to Mike Herrera (of MxPx) and it contained extremely fast punk instrumentals accompanied by great vulgar lyrics. The song involved drinking, tumbling down stairs, sex and vanity. It was a very good performance.

Man Without Wax:
This Seattle band seemed right at home on stage at the Knitting Factory. They started with a small solo acoustic guitar intro, only to explode into lead/rhythm guitars, bass guitar, drums and potent vocals. Their songs were fast-paced, with lead and backup vocals that mixed well. In some songs, there would be a slight slowdown, almost like a deep breath, before they plunged straight back into the fast paced music. It worked incredibly well. The song "Kansas City Shuffle" combined vocals from four of the band members, back and forth. If ever there were a song that caused a table to be flipped for room to dance, this would be it.

Interview with Rory Menteer from Man Without Wax:

BW: “How many times have you played in Boise before?”

RM: “We have played here many times, probably ten times or more.”

“Where will you be headed next on the tour?”

“We will be going back to Seattle, our drummer just had a baby, so he will need to be with his family.”

“Is there any source of inspiration for your songs that really stands out to you?”

“Um, I don’t know. I’m sorry, I’m really tired, I’ve been up since four this morning.”

“If you were to pitch yourself as a band to attract listeners, what would you say?”

“Good music and a good time.”

Bank: This Boise band performed after Man Without Wax at the Knitting Factory and continued the amount of energy left by the Seattle band and produced a hell of a lot of their own. Bank’s lead singer and songwriter Dan Keck, had an extraordinary vocal range, along with backup vocals from Andrew Keck. This worked extremely well along with the band's dominant chords and drums. Bank had a great relationship with the audience. Before playing their last song, Keck announced that he had recently gotten married and is expecting a new child. Bank finished their set with an acoustic song, "Miss You," accompanied by trumpet and tambourine. It seemed a very personal song for Keck, as if he was singing straight out to his new family.