PMF: Hosannas, Oct. 7, Linen Building


Portland, Ore.'s Hosannas may only be brothers Brandon and Richard Laws, but last night but they managed an awe-inspiring blend of electronica/keyboard, pre-recorded percussion, experimental/shattering guitar and a soothing yet powerful duet of vocals. It may sound hectic, but the Laws created beautiful, almost haunting harmonies. The wide-eyed audience listened intently, mouths agape.

We had an opportunity to chat with Brandon Laws after the show.

Boise Weekly: How many times have you played in Boise?
Brandon Laws: We have played here three times before and have always enjoyed it.

Where do you draw inspiration for writing your songs?
We take either a musical or lyrical perspective. We can start a song vocally based and progress to the instrumentals, or get inspiration from instrumentals and write lyrics to go along with it. We are interested in the production. We can draw inspiration from the process.

Where are you going next on the tour?
We will be going through 40 states and four provinces in Canada.

If pitching yourself to attract listeners, what would you say?
We like playing at clubs or bars, maybe meeting a significant other, or if there is free food that is always a good thing.

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