First Look Inside New Boise Music Venue


As Boise Weekly reported last week, Red Room booker Justin Cantrell, will soon be opening his own yet-to-be-named venue on 10th and Miller streets near downtown Boise.

Cantrell had a preview of the new space on Wednesday evening with Hummingbird of Death and The Adversives, and BW stopped by to check it out.

Though plans for the space are still evolving, Cantrell said he wants to put in a bar, a stage and a backstage loading area for the bands. The skate ramp and vintage video games are staying put.

One of the bands joked that it will be just like the Foot Clan's warehouse. Fitting, as Cantrell said one of the names under consideration is "Shredder's."

When it's all gussied up with metal on top, there will officially be no need left to grow up. Rock on, Cantrell.