D.L. Evans Gallery to Preview BW Cover Auction Tonight



Remember that week when we all got to look at a cartoonish guy squatting over a sprinkler with a slightly upsetting smile on every street corner? What about that weird severed polar bear head? And who can forget our benevolent, bedazzled, protecter, Mother Palin.

Every week BW makes an effort to bring you a quality cover to go along with its quality reporting. And once a year, we auction off the original art used for those covers, then put the money into a grant program for local artists. This year's cover auction will be Nov. 17.

But in case you want to get a head start, planning out what masterpiece you'd like to purchase for display or to burn in righteous indignation, you can stop by the D.L. Evans Gallery tonight, where they're doing a preview of some of the covers that will be sold in November.

If nothing else, it's a great opportunity to relive that week when coverage of gold-based fiscal policy was paired with a picture of a brokedown robot octopus. Oh treasured memories...