Fashion and Function in Marathon Running



It seems like only yesterday that the Portland Marathon was months away—my distant goal, so far off in the future that it was almost hypothetical. In reality, though, Oct.3 began the final countown. Only one week remains until I run 26.2 miles. I'm not alone in my quest, as the City of Trees Marathon takes place in Boise on the same day, Sunday, Oct. 10, and many of my fellow runners and training partners will be covering the same distance right here in our own back yard.

While it stands to reason that I've got running on the brain, another piece of bi-pedal excitement popped up last week: Newton Running finally released the Terra Momentus, its first ever trail shoe. I won't go into the boring details, but I became a disciple of Newtons after reading Born To Run, Christopher McDougall's recent bestseller, and learning about POSE running techniques. Since then, I've been an injury-free runner, even while building enough weekly mileage to prepare for a marathon. However, I'm not a fan of pavement. I do 90 percent of my running on dirt trails and prefer it immeasureably. Enter the Terra Momentus. These shoes use the same Newton technology I've come to depend on, but they are designed specifically for off-road running.


I went to Shu's Idaho Running Company the day the shipment arrived and bought myself a pair. I put them to the test this weekend by logging my miles in Ponderosa State Park in McCall, and they exceeded my every expectation. The best part? A random dog-walker at the edge of the otherwise-empty park called out to me as I trotted away: "Your shoes are cool!"

So they're a little eye-catching, but how often can you make a fashion statement while running 7:30-minute miles?