Boise State Broncos: More Than Just A Football Team



Does anyone besides me ever wonder if there are any fall sports at Boise State besides football? I was asking myself this question as I pedaled down Hill Road this morning with a fellow cyclist. He must have read my mind (or else my thoughts are louder than I realized, and I need to be careful what I think about), because he turned to me and said, "Did you know that the Boise State Cycling Club is hosting the Northwest Collegiate Cycling Conference Championships here in town this weekend?"

In fact, I didn't know. But when I got home and sifted through my e-mail inbox, I found an e-mail from Cycling Club President Brian Parker telling me that it's all happening at the Idaho Velodrome and Cycling Park on Old Highway 55. All the events are dirt-centered. There's cross-country mountain bike racing for those with aerobic engines and gravity-driven downhill events for those who feel a need for speed.

Spectators are welcome, knobby-tire fans especially. Folks interested in volunteering are even more welcome (show up Saturday morning at 8 a.m.). The Broncos aren't even playing in town this weekend, so forget about BCS championships for once—support the cycling championships!