Temper the Post-Game Victory Celebration Just a Bit


Before Bronco Nation basks too long in the glow of another victory over a BCS team (and a Top 25 team as well), perhaps it needs to wake up and notice some of the deficits revealed in the win over Oregon State.

You know, the little things, like penalties that lead to Beaver points, or special team mistakes (missed tackles and a turnover) that resulted in 14 more points. Eliminate that nonsense and then everyone can feel a little more secure. The good news is that the Bronco players know what needs to be done.

About the Oregon State game, defensive end Ryan Winterswyk stated in post-game interview, "We really made some bonehead plays that kept them in the ballgame and kept them in drives."

Boise State is a very good football team, there is little doubt about it. But the defense and special teams cannot afford lapses and then hope that Kellen Moore and offensive company can cover for them. Boise State has great talent in the receiving corps, from wideouts to tight ends; it is understatedly strong at running back and the O line doesn't get as much credit as it deserves.

Honestly, there is no reason that the Beavers should have hung 24 points on the scoreboard against Boise State. Of course, Coach Petersen knows that … as does his staff … as do the Broncos themselves.

As for the rest of it—the BCS and writers and coaches lamenting Boise State and its schedule—well, Alabama is playing against tough teams, but Ohio State's only true opponent in the first weeks was No. 12 Miami. The rest were rollovers for a Top 5 team. Come on, the Buckeyes have beaten three other opponents by a combined 161-34. What does that say about its strength of schedule? Boise State played a No. 10 team to open up the season and then, in week three, the No. 24 team in the country. Aside from Miami, Ohio State hasn't played a Top 25-ranked team. Sure, Ohio State makes up for it later in the season, and Boise State enters conference play, which can't even be compared to the overall strength of Ohio State's schedule.

But it's kind of funny that no one has been criticizing Ohio State for its early season schedule and yet the media seems to looking at schedules that are in the future. Alabama revealed chinks in its armor Saturday as well, while Ohio State had to work to beat Miami. Nothing wrong with earning a victory—it shows the true measure of a team.

Let's bring this back full circle to the Broncos. Quite frankly, all the talk about being No. 3, about the BCS championship is starting to get old. What matters is rather finite and controllable:
A. Boise State is a great team that gives Bronco fans something to be justifiably proud of.
B. The Broncos begin the challenge of defending their WAC title.

There are elements of the game that need to be addressed, but right now the season is as memorable as those that preceded it, not because of the BCS-busting chatter, but because Boise State is once again doing what they have done for a long, long time: playing with passion, style and class and instilling pride in their faithful followers.