Need Something to do Today?


Let's face it, no matter how intricate your plans, how perfectly placed your pinata, how freshly-shaken your martinis (or PBR) are, your party will never be quite as grandiose, as swanky as the sort of the parties you see in the movies. And while academics would probably say that's because film is manufactured segments of reality, carefully crafted to evoke a specific effect, they'd probably say it with a lot of big words so that we wouldn't understand, leaving us, the monosyllabaphiles, to "figger it's prolly just 'cause them film types is so fancy."

Mayhaps they are, and mayhaps they aren't, but you'd never know since your invite to said imaginary parties never arrived. Probably because it was imaginary.

But tonight, you can change all that because Ronn Seidenglanz of Sidewayz Films is throwing a full-on fancypants multimedia blowout with films, live and looped music, the Treasure Valley Roller Derby Girls and the Boise Breakers. And you're invited.

Before the party, Seidenglanz will give a formal artist presentation at the Apple Store in the Boise Town Square Mall featuring an in-depth look at selected works throughout his 15-year career with Sidewayz Films. The presentation is part of Apple's Made on Mac series.

The presentation is from 7-8 p.m., and the party kicks off at 9 p.m. at The Empire Building. Both are free, free, free. Dress to impress and leave the pinatas at home.