Joseph the Giraffe Memorial Haikus


Courtesy of Zoo Boise
  • Courtesy of Zoo Boise
Joseph the Giraffe, perhaps the tallest Boisiean, passed yesterday. To honor him, Boise Weekly asked readers to submit some memorial haikus.

Robert Stevahn
Joseph the giraffe
Our daughter Annie fed you
Hope that wasn't it

Kevin Taylor
Graceful one last stretch
Joseph embarks on journey
to concession stand

William Zuercher
Such beautiful eyes
now closed forever
Sleep well, gentle one

Jessica Thill
Joseph's unsolved mystery
All Giraffes go to Heaven?
say 'hi' to my cat

Molly Hill
Hey Joe, I told you
Trees don't like competition
Old Growth always wins

Boise Weekly
Saw you towering,
riding bikes down the greenbelt
We will miss your face