Sun Valley Harvest Festival: Good Eats in the Wood River Valley


Cross a bunch of regional chefs and a whole bunch of foodies and you get the Sun Valley Harvest Festival. The former Sun Valley Food and Wine Festival has evolved and changed directions. No longer is the concentration of the event on national chefs, like Iron Chef Cat Cora last year, but on being sustainable. The new focus puts an emphasis on local food and local talent.

And talent they have. SVHF has recruited some seriously gifted chefs. They have asked Dustan Bristol from Brick 29 in Nampa (Idaho’s only James Beard Nominee for the past two years) to do a demonstration titled Fall Comfort Food.

Other local chefs have been invited to participate in SVHF as well: Kristi Echols-Preston of the Chocolat Bar, will do a demonstration on making chocolate called From Bean to Bar: A Brief History of
Chocolate; Alvin Charlton of the Arid Club, will offer a cooking demonstration titled How to Feed Your Friends and Family and Still Enjoy the Party: Idaho Sturgeon with Grilled Corn Relish and Local Potatoes.

Oh, and I'll be there too. My cooking demonstration is called Hunt, Gather, Gourmet and will be much like the recent video I filmed on the Boise River. I will spend the morning on the Big Wood River gathering food and then showing the audience how to cook what I foraged.

The Sun Valley Harvest Festival happens Sept. 24-26. For more information, visit

Hope to see you there.