A Bit of Nepotism



In journalism, there are a few sticky places we like to avoid, namely anything we have a personal connection to. But the dilemma arises when it's that personal knowledge that offers us the most tantalizing tidbit in the news business: a scoop. Add family to the mix and the whole situation is enough to put a reporter in a white, padded room.

In order to avoid being fitted for one of those special jackets with all the pretty buckles and straps, it's time to go public with a little bit of news which is a bit atypical for BW to cover.

As of Sept. 16, after 27 years in business, the owners of Boise Army/Navy decided to trade the distinctive scent of surplus for the fresh air of retirement by selling the business to the store's longtime manager. Those now-former owners happen to be my parents, Peter and Nancy Darr.

I've made no secret of my connection to the business, but I've always tried to step aside when it came to writing anything about it—well, most of the time at least. But now, I am going to to be completely self-indulgent and nepotistic when I say how proud I am of my now-retired parents who came to Boise with next to nothing except two young daughters and managed to create a successful business that has spanned more than a quarter century.

We hear so much about failures these days that it's kind of nice to acknowledge a success story born out of hard work.

Boise Army/Navy will go on in much the same form, so rest assured, you will still be able to find all the camouflage, gas masks, woolly winter wear, cast-iron cookware and assorted camping, outdoor gear and sometimes bizarre assortment of randomness your heart could desire. But now, it's time for someone else to guide the vision for future success.

My parents' vision is firmly focused on the shiny new world of retirement, where rumor has it you can do what you want, when you want and then flaunt your adventures to your adult children who are so far away from retirement that it might as well be Mars. But then, after 27 years, they deserve it.