TIFF: Will Ferrell In A Drama? And It's Good?


Let’s play a little game of “One of these things is not like the others:”
C.Will Ferrell

Actually, they all belong together, rather comfortably. The man who brought buffoonery to a new level in Anchorman and Old School showed up at the Toronto International Film Festival to unveil something new ... really new: Everything Must Go.

It's a drama, but there are plenty of laughs. And it’s the kind of laughter that is mined in the familiar instead of the absurd.

Everything Must Go is based on a short story by Raymond Carver. Ferrell plays Nick Porter, a man who has lost his job, his wife, his home ... you name it, and he has lost it.


His life is in shambles—literally and figuratively—as he is faced with all of his belongings dumped on his front lawn. And with a little help from an adolescent (Michael Pena) and a pregnant neighbor (Rebecca Hall), Nick "repacks" his life. The script is lovely and delicate and allows life’s intonations, rather than Ferrell's typical antics, to set the pace.

Everything Must Go will not be released into the major multiplexes, so we can expect the film to fit into a smaller theater like The Flicks, and there’s something very nice about that. Mr. Ferrell ought to get out more often.