The Casualty of Cupcake Wars


Once in awhile, we get a press release that is like an injection of joy into our hearts. Usually it involves food, and when it involves cupcakes, we kind of lose our precious little minds.

Pamela Hoevel of one of our very favorite bakeries, Pamela's Bakery in Eagle, just sent us a release that she is adding 33 new varieties of cupcakes to the menu. That's not a typo: 33 new varieties.

The impetus for the barrage of tasty baked goods was the chance to take on other top chefs on the Food Network show Cupcake Wars. Unfortunately, Hoevel realized she wouldn't be able to make the show's taping because she would most likely be giving birth at the time.

Instead she channeled her cupcake angst into her work, and honestly, we're OK with that. In fact, we're anticipating the moment we get to try her new cupcake varieties like the chai latte, twisted orange, margarita and the Milky Way. Sigh.